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Wallis Estate

Edward Wallis
February 1, 2012 | Edward Wallis

Local Press

On January 26th the St. Helena Star used the Wallis Estate, Little Sister as the pick of the week. We are proud of the review and very excited to be the pick of the week.

"This is one of those wines that tastes more expensive than it is, even at its $45 price tag. It has juicy red fruits with balanced spice and oak flavors, and the acidity adds a nice lift. The wine is made in a rich, full-bodied style and would be great to pull out a dinner party, especially if you are serving roast beef, steaks or a rich stew (St. Helena Star, C. Seda)."

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Edward Wallis
March 26, 2010 | Edward Wallis

Wallis Family Estate - Website Redesign and E-Commerce by Vin65

We wanted to revamp existing site (the second picture below) by freshening up the design and add superior e-commerce capability. We approached the Everflight team to tackle the design, then looked for the leading winery specific e-commerce platform and picked Vin65. We’re extremely happy with the final product, the site you see now (the first picture below).

New Design


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Let us know what you think of our new site design by commenting below.

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