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Wallis Estate

Edward Wallis
September 13, 2012 | Edward Wallis

A walk through the vineyards

The Wallis Estate fruit is located 600 feet up Diamond Mountain provding a challenging environment for the grapes to grow. This allows the grapes to mature in their own unique way. Here are some pictures to show what kind of terrain the vines have to work with

The grapes are flourising this year as it has been dry and warm allowing the fruit to soak up as much sun as it can before the rains.


Good luck with this coming Harvest!

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Edward Wallis
September 10, 2012 | Edward Wallis

Family Winemakers of Californa 2012


The 2012 Family Winemakers of California tasting was great fun. On a beautiful cloudless sunny day on the warf of San Fransisco the Fort Mason center hosted over 250 wines.

There was a lot  of trade and many consumers who came by the table on Sunday, to say hello, and I know more trade will be coming by to try the ever favored Wallis Cabernet Sauvignon later this afternoon.

Thanks to all the familiar faces that came by to say hello yesterday! It was great to see you again.


---Wallis Estate

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Edward Wallis
September 5, 2012 | Edward Wallis

Wallis will be in San Francisco

Get prepared for Wallis Family Estate will be pouring wine in the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco on Sunday September 9th and Monday the 10th along with many other small boutique wineries. The doors open at 1pm and close at 6pm I hope to see some of you there. Please be sure to come to the table and introduce yourself to the Wallis Family as they will be at the table pouring.

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